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I enjoy crafting intuitive, delightful experiences that empower people to better utilize technology in service of their goals. I excel at bridging the gap between human needs & business goals, solving complex problems & creating order out of chaos, and paying attention to the little details. As a seasoned founder and product designer, I have designed several digital consumer products used by over 800,000 people, and have more than 10 years of experience.

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Picture of the 11 year old Omar
This little guy was a freelance graphic designer

I began my journey with design at the age of 9 which was when my brother taught me how to use Photoshop. I started freelancing as a graphic designer in my early teenage years. I grew up in a tech savvy family, and was lucky to have been exposed to technology at an early age. I received my bachelor’s degree (with honors) in software engineering from KFUPM, the top-ranked teaching institute in Saudi Arabia and the whole Arab region. During that time, I discovered my passion for UX, and started designing mobile apps and websites. In my last year of college, and right from its dorms, I co-founded my first startup, Feelit, which had the mission of connecting people around emotions. After Feelit raised its VC-backed seed round, I moved to San Francisco. Under Feelit, we built and launched a social network and a live-streaming messenger. Having attracted more than 250,000 users, I learned a great deal on what it takes to build and scale a consumer experience. After Feelit, I co-founded Sibly, a mental health company that envisions a world where everyone has someone to talk to who helps them navigate life's challenges. Sibly has grown to more than 50 employees, serving marquee customers like Comcast, WW, and Rivian, and built a reputable name in the workplace mental health benefit space. Nowadays, I work at Nextdoor, a company that’s on a mission to cultivate a kinder world where everyone has a neighborhood they can rely on.

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When I’m not working, I enjoy running, exploring new places, or doing both at the same time. My hobbies include playing on the piano, photography, snowboarding, and I recently picked up surfing & diving too. I find my peace with meditation, and I always get a good sense of restoration after a hot yoga class. I also love to travel & learn about new cultures. At the end of 2020, I sold / donated most of my stuff, put the rest in a storage unit, and embarked on a nomadic journey of slow travel for about 2 years.

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