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  • 📍 San Francisco, CA
  • 📱 iOS, Android & Web
  • 🗓 2015

My Role

End-to-end product design, logo design,
web (front-end) development

Sentimum was a concept for an app that was explored at Feelit, Inc., but we never ended up building it. The company’s focus at the time was to build an emotional layer over content, and connect people around feelings. Sentimum's goal was to allow everyone to express their sentiments on web content, and we picked article as a starting point. The app was to allow people to highlight part of an article, choose their sentiment, and share it with their followers on Twitter.

Web App Concept

I developed a prototype of the web app with HTML/CSS/JS. Click the button bellow to view it (try highlighting a piece of text!)

View Web App Prototype

Mobile App Concept #1

Mobile App Concept #2


I co-designed the logo with Moe AlKadi. Every color represented a group of sentiments in the app.

App Icon