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My Role

Product design, user research, strategy

Flagship aims to create a fair and equitable creator commerce ecosystem. It allows creators to easily build their own online boutiques featuring their hand-selected products from their favorite brands & sharing that with their community. Flagship was founded in 2022, and it's backed by Sequoia Capital, Index Ventures and several industry leaders from the leading platform and e-commerce brands.

I was hired as a consultant to help with product design. By the time I joined, the team had an existing design on Figma but the product wasn't launched yet. My task was to:

  1. Re-imagine the whole look and feel of the product, help launch & bring the product to life.
  2. Provide ongoing product design support, and establish the product design function at Flagship:
    • Continuously discover and design new product improvements, plan, conduct and analyze customer discovery / usability interviews.
    • Owned designing a Shopper (consumer) experience that optimizes for thoughtful presentation, trust, and conversion.
    • Owned designing a Creator (boutique owner) experience that optimizes for ease & simplicity.
    • Helped shape the product / design strategy.
    • Organized Figma, established design standards, UI language and design system foundations.

As of now, this page only showcases a few samples of the work I did. Later, it might be updated with more details about what my process was, what the user needs and frustrations were, rationale behind design decision made, outcomes, ... etc.

Old / Existing Design

This was the status of the app prior to my involvement

I worked on redesigning 2 areas: The Creator Experience & The Shopper Expereince

Creating the UI Language / Design System Foundations

Creator Experience

Shopper Experience

Typography / Theme Explorations

Creators have the option to choose a theme for their online boutqiue

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