Feelit v1

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That was the very first product we have built in our company, Feelit, Inc.
This version of Feelit allowed people to chose how they feel and whether they want to 'Embrace' that feeling or 'Squash' it. Based on their choice, they will be presented with videos, photos, and web content that helps them deal with their feelings the way they want. For example, if a user chose to 'Embrace' sleepiness, they might find relaxing music that will help them fall asleep! This version also included a feature where people could write how they feel and share it with their followers (which later became what Feelit is about in versions 2, and 3).
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* The current app store version is different from this one

Work Done

  • User interface (UI) design.
  • User experience (UX) design.
  • Specs & guidelines.
  • Also involved in product ideation, features, and iteration strategy (in cooperation with team).
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