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One of the products we have built in our company, Feelit, Inc. The initial concept of Chubble was a live streaming app that recognizes emotions and facial expressions in real time to show the current feelings of everyone watching the stream. After a few iterations, we became focused on the privacy aspect, and Chubble matured to become a live streaming messenger for groups of friends and family.
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Work Done

  • User interface (UI) design.
  • User experience (UX) design.
  • Specs & guidelines.
  • Also involved in product ideation, features, and iteration strategy (in cooperation with team).

Easy, Frictionless and Very Private

We wanted the first screen to be inviting for users to start live-streaming immedietely, so the whole design is centered around the camera view, with a big prominent button in the middle to start Chubbling. After they click that button, users can select who they want to chubble with before the stream starts. This manual selection of vieweres gives the user a feeling of safety regarding their privacy, which is one of the core values that Chubble was built around.

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